Organic Pest Management

Organic Pest Management is our premium service that uses only Natural Products such as Mint Oils, Plant Extracts and Minerals from the earth. A completely Organic Program does not have the long lasting residual effects and must be done on a bi-monthly basis.

Green Pest Management

Green Pest Management uses Organic products as much as possible and Synthetic products sparingly. Green has the ability to deliver results while significantly reducing chemical usage around your home.

We service your home Quarterly or every three months. Generally we only work on the exterior of your home after the initial visit, no special appointments are needed! We always notify you ahead of time through your choice of email, text, or phone call that we are coming and we will leave a notification that we came and a detailed description of the services performed is emailed to you. Callbacks are no charge and part of your contract. This is a service you can feel good about without increasing your cost.

What is the Cost for Green or Organic Pest Management?

At Green Pest Guys our pest control rates are very affordable and competitive with the leading companies in the areas we serve. Call Green Pest Guys today and schedule a free consultation.