If you are concerned about pesticides and chemicals in your home and office you should know that Green Pest Guys only uses the most eco-friendly pest control products available. Our organic pest products are not only more eco-friendly for you and your family but for your pets, home / office and the local environment as well.

Our pest management solutions require more frequent visits however do not require more out of your pocket book. Green Pest Guys calls this the Eco-Friendly Pricing Strategy which can be found here. Both our Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control services do not require long-term contracts but we do highly recommend regular maintenance to ensure your property is managed properly and efficiently. Of course regardless of your service schedule our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is always honored.

Residential Pest Control

Our Green Pest Management includes organic pest control for the interior and exterior of your home. We will address and resolve any issues you are currently having. Our philosophy is SAFETY and PREVENTION. After your immediate problems are solved, we will implement a prevention program that will place a barrier around your home, eliminating future interior bug and pest problems.

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Commercial Pest Control

Our Commercial Pest Control Service includes both organic and chemical pest control products designed to effectively control invasive pests while maintaining a low chemical profile to better foster a pro eco-friendly office environment.

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