I found these folks when a polite young lady came to my door to tell me about the pest control service she represented. “Right”, I thought. “Yet another poison peddler who just wants to pollute my personal space for an annual fee”. I had even looked at the “aardvark” folks for an organic solution, and had given up, resigned to living with the seasonal spiders and roly-poly bugs. But these folks surprised me-they have TWO options for controlling pests: “green” and “organic”. No unpronounceable chemical names that sound like I’ll end up glowing in the dark and sprouting a third arm somewhere..so I thought, “I’ll give it a try”. Kris, the young lady who represented the company assured me there are no contracts, unlike some OTHER places I had been stuck with in the past.

Greg, the owner, personally came to my door at the appointed time and patiently explained to me how their program works. No synthetic chemicals indoors, ever. Everything is derived from plants and natural sources (he even graciously sent me the product labels), and left my home with a pleasant minty scent.

I have cats and dogs who are indoor critters and I was delighted to know that the spray Green Pest Guys use is completely non toxic to them. The best part is the curled up spiders and roly-poly bugs I discovered outside, and absolutely no bugs inside! What a relief!

Great program, great, caring folks, and a decent price. And, NO CONTRACTS! Gotta love a company who is confident enough in their results not to bind you to a commitment.

Highly recommended! Try ’em!

~ Linda B. (testimonial from: yelp.com)